Lubbock Banks and Credit Union Loans

Consumers searching in the greater Lubbock Texas area for a short term loans, personal loans or installment loan can take advantage of these banks and credit unions. In addition, if you are hoping to apply online for a personal loan, you can utilize the services of Texas direct lenders to apply for a loan from $1,000 to $35,000 or more online.

Lubbock Telco
2802-D York Ave.
P.O. Box 16499
Lubbock, TX 79490

City Bank
5219 City Bank Pkwy
Lubbock, TX 79490
(806) 792-7101

First United Bank
6604 Frankford Ave
Lubbock, TX 79490
(806) 798-5800

Prosperity Bank
4827 4th St
Lubbock, TX 79490
(806) 784-4000

Lubbock National Bank
1001 Main St
Lubbock, TX 79490
(806) 792-1000

  • FAQ for borrowers searching for personal loans in Texas

    How do I decide if a personal loan is right for me?

    A personal loan is a significant commitment. Weigh the benefits to decide whether paying interest for the privilege of borrowing money in advance is crucial. Understanding your responsibilities in addition to the reasons for taking out the loan is critical to obligating your future income to make the payments.

    How does a personal loan affect my credit score?

    Hard inquiries performed by creditors are going to knock a few points off your credit score. You can increase your credit score by making timely payments and never missing a single one. Paying late can affect your credit score and block access to future loans. 

    Do personal loans need collateral?

    Personal loans are generally approved based on creditworthiness. Typically designated as “good faith” loans, the lender won’t need collateral to guarantee that you’ll repay what you’ve borrowed. Although riskier for loan issuers, unsecured loans can cripple your ability to access further credit if you fail to repay to completion. 

    Can I change my payment due date?

    Your payment due date will be set when your short-term loan is approved and will be the same date during the month. You won’t be able to change this pre-determined date. 

    What are the different types of short-term financing?

    Short-term loans, trade credit, overdrafts and credit cards are common examples of short-term financing. Typically, the repayment period is as short as a few weeks up to five years in length. Depending on the type of financing (personal loan, unsecured loan, installment loan) and lenders terms, you will generally find many loans are between six to thirty-six months for repayment.