Love & Credit: Is a good credit score needed for successful relationships?

The Valentine’s Day credit connection just keeps getting weirder and weirder. We all know that financial matters play an important role in the success of relationships…but does credit really impact your ability to love? If you read the USA Weekend edition, or browse the news today, the answer is yes. According to a recent survey by myFICO, money can actually buy you love. Their financial survey reveals today that:


• Americans are twice as likely to choose financial responsibility over sexual compatibility as the most important personality traits in a relationship.
• A third of respondents said that a lack of financial responsibility hurt their relationship more than being unfaithful, un-affectionate or humorless.
• Friends recommend that you learn about a new love’s humor, jobs and credit problems before entering into a relationship.

I’ve never asked a person I’ve dated about their credit score…but perhaps I am behind the times here. Maybe credit scores are going to be the new must-have statistic to include in your personal ad. “SWM, 35, Non smoker, no kids, credit score 750, loves tennis.” Click here to read the full bizarre report on how financial behavior impacts relationships.

What do you think? How important should credit be with your potential spouse? Should you have the right to access this data before you get married? Can having bad credit impact your marriage, the statistics certainly point in that direction. What are your thoughts, please share below or drop us an email. If you have suggestions on topics related to consumer loans, credit cards, debt or finances, we would love to explore interesting topics, feel free to contact us.

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